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On weather and mood

Posted by runnerstrials

I've been laying low this week. Since taking my shot, I've forced myself to relax. I've tried to avoid all things that mentally stress me out, and I've cut back on the physical stress I put on my body.

That equaled no running for 3 days after my trigger shot. Yikes!

*Note, I had no real reason for doing this. There's really not much evidence that stress causes infertility (source). But I thought taking it easy could only help my chances of ovulation.

I thought for sure I was going to lose it this week. Who ditches their primary coping mechanism at the peak of going through something difficult?

But I never lost it. I didn't cry once (record). I didn't eat a single cupcake (tragic). And I didn't miss running. And I was surprisingly in high spirits all week.

I'll be fair. I did yoga, swim, and walk the furball during my running hiatus, so it's not like I was sedentary. But being in a good mood despite not running? This was something new.

And there is only one logical reason for my state of mind:

Hello spring :) SO nice to see you!

We have been spoiled with amazing weather all week in the Carolinas. I hear my northern friends are having their fair share of spring-like temps so I don't feel too bad rubbing it in ;)

My mood is greatly impacted by the weather. I've always suspected I've had some degree of SAD. If the weather was cold and rainy all week, I may have broken my "no running" rule, and I'm positive I would not have resisted cupcakes.

I'd like the thank Mother Nature for cooperating with me during the week. Keep up the good work, girl!

And while I didn't miss running, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't really looking forward to my (easy) run later today :)

Does the weather affect your mood? On yucky days are you more likely to turn to the couch, or get out there and do a hard workout? I definitely fall into the latter group!