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The holidays unplugged

I hope everyone is having a magical holiday season!

I sure did. My parents and brother came from NJ to spend a long weekend here, and my in-laws came over for Christmas dinner as well.

We even had a white Christmas… kind of. It started snowing Christmas night and Sunday morning we woke up to a few inches of snow.

Unfortunately, that lovely storm left almost 3 feet in NJ. My parents miraculously made it back this afternoon on one of the only flights. I was supposed to fly out today too so I could spend New Year’s with my BFFs. The flight cancelations are so ridiculous that I cannot make it out until New Year’s Day. So I canceled my trip since I’d miss my fun New Year’s plans :( I am so bummed, but I guess there are worse things than spending New Year’s with my husband ;)

On Christmas morning my phone decided not to turn on (it’s still not fixed. I’ll spare you the details but hopefully I’ll be up and running tomorrow). With the hustle and bustle of hosting the holiday, I never reached for my computer. I was completely unplugged for 3 days and it was glorious. The last time I did that was on a cruise we took in September 2009. I stare at my computer for work for 9 hours each weekday and I’m seriously addicted to my blackberry. It was stressful being disconnected at first, but then I loved it. It was amazing to chat with my family and play cards(!) without hearing my phone buzz. I’m going to try to unplug a bit more often because it was such a treat :)

That being said, I’m very eager to get back into my routine. I feel relaxed for the first time in a long time and am actually looking forward to resuming work tomorrow. I also cannot wait to catch up with blog reading :)

Running has been sporadic to say the least. And cookie consuming has been monumental. I’m more than ready to get back into my regular workout routine as well ;)

Do you ever unplug? Do you find it stressful or refreshing?

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  1. I LOVE to unplug. It feels amazing when I get to take a small break away from my computer.

    We almost got stuck in NJ, too! So sorry you are missing out on your NYE plans :(

  2. Thank you for being a supportive friend. I hope you still enjoy your plans for the new year!

  3. I tried texting you again, I figured your phone was still broken! I enjoy when we go on trips being unplugged for a few days, it refreshes and recharges me!

  4. Personally, I love it!! Like you, I usually have that brief moment of panic when I’m not connected at the hip with my iPhone and sitting in front of a computer at every possible moment. But once I get over that, it’s pretty wonderful. That’s one thing that I love the most about coming home to see my family. There’s usually so much going on that I have no desire to stay connected. It’s rejuvenating.

    Anyway, I’m glad you had a great Christmas!! But I’m sorry the blizzard ruined your New Year’s Eve plans. I know you must be pretty bummed about that. Hopefully you’ll have a great NYE regardless, and can plan another trip to NYC in the near future!

  5. Glad that everyone was able to travel safely with all of the snow. My boyfriend just missed the storm in NJ. Hopefully you’ll get to ring in 2012 in NYC!

  6. I never want to totally unplug and take a weekend off, but it happens once in awhile. I can tell that my body likes it because my workouts post unplug are usually awesome. The holidays are such a perfect time to unplug cause the new year is right around the corner begging to be active! :)

  7. I like unplugging while I’m doing it, but I always find getting caught up to be very overwhelming.

  8. Unplugging is on my 101 (in 1001 days) list. The only issue I find when I have done mini-unplugs is that everyone is so used to me being constantly contactable that they panic if my phone is off…

    Amy x

  9. I used to unplug a lot more before I got my smart phone … Now I’m addicted. Its awesome to be able to read and comment on blogs from the train. Sorry about New Years but having extra time with your family must have been fun. Cute pic of you and the hubby

  10. I definitely have spent far less time on the computer this week. It’s glorious! But I got a Droid for Christmas….and I’m obsessed!

    Glad you were able to spend some QT with your family over the holidays, but I’m sorry to hear that this storm foiled your plans for NYE. I thought about going to DC, but it’s going to be way too hectic, so I’ll probably be having a quiet, Chinese food-filled night in, which actually sounds pretty appealing right about now.

  11. I did the same thing from Friday through Monday!! It was GREAT! I did miss reading blogs, though, so I’m spending some time getting caught up.

  12. I find it super engergizing to un-plug for awhile. But then I get all stressed out when I see how many un-read emails and blogs that have been piling up. It almost makes it harder sometimes to un-plug, but mentally it’s worth it. Happy new year with the hubs – I’m sure you two will have a good time!

  13. I love unplugging sometimes. I am addicted to my computer and Droid, but being able to step away from both for awhile is really nice! :)

  14. I never unplug…EVER! jk. I do once in awhile, but it’s rare for me. I thought about taking a blogging break over Christmas, but then I had so many photos I wanted to share. I think I took about 300 photos of the snow the day after Christmas and edited 40 to share on the bloggie. I just had to. :) Ok, I wanted to. I think if it felt more like an obligation than fun, I would have considered unplugging a bit more, though there are definitely days unplugging would benefit me. I’m thinking of taking daily unplug-breaks in 2011. We’ll see. What are you guys doing for new year’s eve?

  15. I like unplugging on vacations. Especially the phone part more than the internet part though.
    Sorry your trip was cancelled! That is a bummer. I hope you can meet up with your girls soon.

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