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Looking back before looking ahead

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It’s New Year’s time! (I totally said that like t-shirt tiiiiiiime in my head ;) ).

New Year’s means resolutions and goal setting for most of us. But for me, that usually means resolutions and goals that fail.

Let’s revisit last New Year’s eve, shall we?

Me: Do you have any resolutions or goals for 2010, husband?

Him: No.

Me: None?

Him: Nothing major.

Me: Well, what is it?

Him: That we get pregnant. 2010 will definitely be the year we get pregnant, and maybe even have a baby. But I know that’s going to happen so it’s not really a goal.

Mmmhmmm. That’s pretty much what happens to me every year I make a resolution or a big goal. I fail :(

(Side note: If hubby tries to say something like this again this year, I fear for his safety ;) )

I approach each New Year’s goal-less. This is kind of depressing when everyone else is making these sweeping life changes. The other thing that gets me down is it’s about to be January and February.

I loathe January and February. So much. If your birthday is in one of those two months, I promise it’s nothing personal. It’s just so dark, cold, the holidays are over, wah, wah, wah. I hate these months so much that I planned a cruise for early March as a present to myself for surviving another Jan and Feb.

So how do I survive the depressing time that is the turn of the year? I look back instead of looking ahead.

Each year, I make a list of all I accomplished in that year. I tape that list to my desk for January and February and look at it every time I feel down. It reminds me that I’m not a loser and I have accomplished things.

The list doesn’t just have to include positive things. I also include some negatives because I believe everything happens so you can learn something from it. For example, my DNF sucked and was definitely a 2010 low point. But without it, I may not have learned I was lactose intolerant. Not a fun diagnosis, but I feel monumentally better.

The 2010 list

  • I participated in 18 races.

  • I coached Girls on the Run for two seasons.

  • I met wonderful Charlotte friends!

  • And friends who are just as exciting from all over the country.

  • I started blogging :)
  • I had surgery to kill my endometriosis.
  • My period came back!
  • I started getting treatment for infertility.
  • I cheered on my husband as he became an Ironman.

  • I hosted Christmas for the first time.
  • I met the love of my life for the second time and finally scored a picture with him ;)

  • I found out I can, in fact, survive without pizza, yogurt, and ice cream.

I cannot wait to see what 2011 has in store for me :)

How will you remember 2010?


The holidays unplugged

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I hope everyone is having a magical holiday season!

I sure did. My parents and brother came from NJ to spend a long weekend here, and my in-laws came over for Christmas dinner as well.

We even had a white Christmas… kind of. It started snowing Christmas night and Sunday morning we woke up to a few inches of snow.

Unfortunately, that lovely storm left almost 3 feet in NJ. My parents miraculously made it back this afternoon on one of the only flights. I was supposed to fly out today too so I could spend New Year’s with my BFFs. The flight cancelations are so ridiculous that I cannot make it out until New Year’s Day. So I canceled my trip since I’d miss my fun New Year’s plans :( I am so bummed, but I guess there are worse things than spending New Year’s with my husband ;)

On Christmas morning my phone decided not to turn on (it’s still not fixed. I’ll spare you the details but hopefully I’ll be up and running tomorrow). With the hustle and bustle of hosting the holiday, I never reached for my computer. I was completely unplugged for 3 days and it was glorious. The last time I did that was on a cruise we took in September 2009. I stare at my computer for work for 9 hours each weekday and I’m seriously addicted to my blackberry. It was stressful being disconnected at first, but then I loved it. It was amazing to chat with my family and play cards(!) without hearing my phone buzz. I’m going to try to unplug a bit more often because it was such a treat :)

That being said, I’m very eager to get back into my routine. I feel relaxed for the first time in a long time and am actually looking forward to resuming work tomorrow. I also cannot wait to catch up with blog reading :)

Running has been sporadic to say the least. And cookie consuming has been monumental. I’m more than ready to get back into my regular workout routine as well ;)

Do you ever unplug? Do you find it stressful or refreshing?


It’s the most hectic time of the year

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I hope you’re all enjoying the week leading up to Christmas :) I’m sure everyone is super duper busy!

I’m still working, I haven’t wrapped a single gift, I need to bake 4 kinds of cookies tonight, and prepare the house for my parents’ and brother’s arrival tomorrow night. I’m hosting Christmas for my family and my in-laws. I haven’t even thought about the menu yet. #slacker

It’s the time of year when tempting treats take precedence over tempo runs:

The house is filled with holiday cheer:

And more time is spent with loved ones:

Don't they look like they love me? ;)

People tend to take two extremes when it comes to exercising over the holidays:

  • Table your training plan until January 1 or
  • Have zero flexibility and do all of your planned workouts no matter what (note: this it totally cool- even preferred- if you have an upcoming race and PR dreams)

I used to fall into the latter group. But this year I’m being more relaxed about workouts. I keep reminding myself I have my whole life to run so there’s no reason to get upset when I miss sweat sessions during the holidays.

A trip to my favorite website reminded me that we can usually afford to cut back on exercise without sacrificing fitness.

A 15 minute stroll down the block will not take the place of two, 5 mile runs. But skipping a run or two each week during the holidays will not hurt you. (once again, unless you’re training to PR)

So go ahead and give your sneakers an extra day off. After all, running around the mall doing last minute shopping and baking for hours on end is not exactly sedentary activity :)

How are you squeezing in activity this week?