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Does it pay to get trendy?

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This week at work, I wrote about a popular fitness trend.


Perhaps you’ve heard about toning shoes? Well, guess what? They don’t work. (source)

Shocking, right? Well probably not. I bet if you’re reading my blog that you’re well aware that the secret to a healthy body isn’t found in a pair of shoes, a pill containing a weird kind of berry, or any other fad.

Sadly there’s no shortcut to good health: a nutritious diet and exercise are the only way to go :)

You guys knew that, though. This post isn’t supposed to be me rambling about “in” fitness trends that you already know fail to deliver.

But what about other health trends?


Some would argue that marathon running is becoming trendy. Boston sold out in a few hours. And I’m betting NYC has a record number of lottery entrants this year (with me being one of them, again ;) ).

The health educator part of me mostly thinks this is awesome. Our country has never been so unhealthy, so the more people who get active, the better. The paranoid health educator part of me worries people won’t train right, and that injuries will also gain in popularity.

But a small part of me is frustrated. I’ve always wanted to run NYC. More people means less of a chance that I’ll get to do that. Ok, I’m done being selfish :)

Then I realized, I have fallen prey to fitness trends. Who am I to judge?

If I didn’t watch my husband compete in a half Ironman in May, I wouldn’t have competed in my first tri the next month.

If all of my friends weren’t doing yoga, I guarantee I would have never tried it on my own.

Here I am, 1.5 weeks post-marathon, not following a training plan for the first time in a year. The old Jen would have been delighted to just run everyday. But I’ve been embracing cross-training. I’ve already rode my bike, yoga’d (x2), and reunited with the pool.

Who would have thought? I’m grateful I hopped on the tri and yoga bandwagons :)

Have you ever tried a new exercise because it was “in”? There’s no shame in admitting it :) Did you enjoy it? Has fear ever got in the way of you trying something new? I may do a post of how I overcame my fear of swimming and biking to become a triathlete.

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