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The problem with destination races…

Is getting to your destination!

I was supposed to fly to NJ tonight for my marathon. But then this happened:

(Get me to Asbury Park, please)

Mother Nature hates me. Seriously, she’s laughing at me now.

After some delays and a few thrilling hours in the Charlotte airport, my flight was canceled. Sigh.

I’m on a flight to NJ tomorrow morning, but I’m not expecting that to go as planned either. The northeast is supposed to have tropical storm force winds tomorrow and Saturday.

Thankfully, my race isn’t until Sunday. And since I’m so type A, I think ahead and worry about things like this. Hence the Thursday afternoon flight for a Sunday race. But of course I’m kicking myself for not traveling up there Wednesday.

One way or another, I will be at the start of the Asbury Park Marathon on Sunday morning. It may just require a 10 hour drive in the car on Saturday :(

The bright side is that the nor’easter should end by Saturday night. Which means pretty racing weather for Sunday :)

Tonight I need to get some work done since it I’m taking tomorrow off unplanned. I hope the next time I blog, it’s in the great state of New Jersey.

Have you had any travel headaches? I travel quite a bit so I’ve dealt with tons of delays, cancelations, lost luggage, sitting on the runway for 4 hours, and even a diverted landing to another state. But since I’m still here to tell you about them, obviously they weren’t that bad.

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  1. Ooh that’s a bummer. Hope everything clears out shortly. I’ve not had issues flying to races, but coming home occasionally (from Chicago) I’ve had some delays. Once I had to sleep in the Chicago airport, which was pretty miserable. Had missed the last flight out of CHI thanks to previous flight delays and stayed in the airport to wait for the early am flight. I kind of felt homeless. And my cell battery died and I had forgotten my charger.

  2. Ah! Another exercise in character building! Damn, marathon training – the fun just never ends!

    Seriously, I know you will get to that race one way or another…and you will rock NJ on Sunday. I am getting super excited for you!

  3. I hate plane delays and cancellations, but it was crazy weather here in NJ today! Crossing my fingers that it clears up as planned on Saturday nite for your race (and my long run!).

  4. ug. so hate that for you. I hope you can get out tomorrow! I ahve not have any major problems, just some flight delays and traffic jams that i can think of!

  5. Hope you get there ok! I’ll be thinking of you on Sunday. Send me a text at some point and let me know how you did!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

  6. Oh no! I’m sure you’ll make it to NJ today smoothly. My fingers are crossed for you! And GOOD LUCK on Sunday! The weather is supposed to be gorgeous.

  7. and there is nothing a type A girl likes more then to have things that are beyond her control… As a fellow type A, I feel your pain! At least driving is an option. :)

  8. Jen so sorry that happened! I will keep my fingers crossed that you get there safe and sound today. But I guess you are right, the silver lining is great race temps! Can you imagine if this continued through Sunday?

  9. Good luck making it to NJ! I will keep my fingers crossed that you don’t have to drive 10 hours on Saturday. That would make for a very not fun/painful trip home. Happy to hear that the weather will be pretty for the race. I am so excited for you!!!

  10. I will keeping my fingers crossed that you get a flight up there. Either way I hope you get there safe and rock that marathon!!!

  11. I’ve never done a destination race where I had to fly to another city – just multi-hour drives (to Atlanta, or closer to Orlando).

    Good thing you were thinking ahead and have a “B” (and a “C”) plan! Can’t wait to hear about how race day goes!

    (My worst travel experience was to Spokane WA a few years ago. We were supposed to be there for 5 days…flights got cancelled and they could only rebook us into town the DAY BEFORE we were supposed to LEAVE. We ended up flying into Seattle the next day, rented a car and rove the 7 hours to Spokane instead.)

  12. Oh Mother Nature! Best thing you can do is not stress about it and know that you’ll still be able to run a fantastic race :)

  13. I hope you made it to NJ! Have an amazing race!

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