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Synching the mind and body

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Today at Girls on the Run we discussed cooperation. GOTR is much more than just running. Each session the girls learn a healthy life lesson, too.

Coach Caitlin and I talked about how important it is to work well with others, and how compromise is necessary because you can’t always get what you want in life (obviously, or else it would rain pretzel m&s and candy corn ;) ).

We all know that cooperation is a key component to living a healthy, happy, fulfilling life. Like most other people in their late 20’s, I rarely think about the concept of cooperation. But I practice it daily. Working well with others- my husband, friends, colleagues- is something I do without much thought.


(Nati doesn't cooperate. So he has to wear a "gentle leader".)

How this ties to running

But I realized, I don’t exactly have this cooperation down when it comes to running. My mind and body don’t always get along. In fact, sometimes they work against each other.

On recent long runs, my legs have felt tired and heavy. Instead of respecting my body, my mind told my legs to go faster. This lead to major long run disappointment. I should have just ignored the pace and listened to my body.

On a taper run, my legs felt fresh and wanted to speed up. But my mind told them not to.

This mind-body mismatch seems like a recipe for disaster. If I want to run well in my marathon in 5 days (gulp), my mind and body need to get in synch.

And, honestly, I think it’s happening :)

I made a decision this past weekend that no negative thoughts about the marathon are allowed to enter my brain. I mean, what good are they? Instead, I’ve just been envisioning a fast, strong marathon where I meet my goal and have a smile plastered to my face. This little trick has put me in a great mood. And while I’m beyond nervous for my race, I’m also really excited to run it.

And the taper and my rest strategies have been doing wonders for my body. I ran an easy, breezy 5k at race pace (8:15/mi) yesterday and felt spectacular.


It seriously was the first time in months where I felt no aches or pains during a run.

So bring it on marathon. I’m ready for you.

Do you practice positive thinking? If not, start. It really helps!

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