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Ending on a high note

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A week from today I will be running a marathon <---- aaaah!

And it turns out, I never did get a full blown cold like I thought I was a few days ago. Wohoo.

Yesterday marked my last long run of training. It was “only” 10 miles, and I wanted them be a strong 10 miles. But not so strong that they tired me out for my marathon.

I ran at a relatively slow, comfortable pace. My legs wanted to speed up but I had to keep reminding them that this wasn’t their day, and that I needed them to be speedy in a week.

I also noted where on my body felt achy. I had some piriformis and hip tightness, so I’ll focus on foam rolling those spots this week.

My 10 miles flew by! I ended up right where I wanted to be: not too slow, not too fast, no walk breaks, and feeling like I could run forever.

Mission accomplished.

10 miles at 8:50 pace.

I was beyond thrilled to have my training behind me!

Then I took my body to yoga to get in a good stretch. It hurt so good. Such a blissful exercise day :)

Now I just have 3 short runs this week before the big day.

My plans for the next week are to do everything with my marathon in mind. Not like that will be hard since I’ve definitely been struck with marathon fever, and it’s all I think- and dream- about ;)

But what does this mean for me, specifically?

  • Early to bed, late to rise: I’m shooting for 9 hours of sleep each night.
  • Ice it, roll it, stretch it: “It” being my body.
  • No sodium left behind: I have cramping issues when I run because I eat a very low salt diet. Not this week. Though I kind of regret salting my yogurt this morning…
  • “Running shoes only” zone: No flats or flip-flops allowed. I’m only wearing my old running shoes this week to walk around in.
  • Butt down, legs out: I want to sit as much as I can, with my legs stretched out as much as possible. Now how to rearrange my office to accomplish this?
  • Sorry, furball: Mommy can’t take you on long walks this week. We’ll stick to 15 minutes or less. I promise next week, I’m all yours!

Anything I’m missing? How do you prep for a big race?

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