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Stupid runners

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Thanks so much for all of your comments on my tough 20 mile run! I truly loved reading each one of your stories :) I guess the take home message is long runs are supposed to be hard and that we shouldn’t let bad runs get us down?

But honestly something else has been getting me down lately…

The inside of my right quad has been hurting :( It’s just been a nagging pain for a week and it only hurts when I walk up the stairs or during the first 5 minutes of a run.

I thought it was a muscle thing so I’ve been stretching, icing, sticking and foam rolling like it’s going out of style.

I think it’s been helping a little, but it’s not getting better- or worse, thankfully.

I’ve had enough experience with running injuries- shin splints, torn meniscus, piriformis syndrome- to know I shouldn’t mess around. So I took my booty to see a physical therapist today. (My husband is a chiropractor and he works with PTs so luckily I can do this easily.)

It turns out I just have some tight hip joints, and should be fine with some assisted stretching techniques. I was given the green light to continue my training. HUGE sigh of relief :)

But this and another event that happened today made me think about how stupid we runners and other endurance athletes appear. Sorry to insult you dear readers, but stay with me ;)

Event 1: The PT asked me what my furthest long run has been lately. My response? "20 miles last weekend, but I'm only doing 15 this weekend."

As soon as those words came out of my mouth I realized how crazy I sounded. 20 miles? People shouldn’t run that far. Who thinks that’s a good idea? And the word “only” should never, ever be used to describe a double digit run.

Event 2: Caitlin and I are coaching Girls on the Run (which is a wonderful program, I highly recommend getting involved). Most of the girls weren’t too excited about running (of course this is likely because it was practice #1 and it’s very hard to run when you haven’t before). We talked about how we could help the girls to want to run instead of walking.

I brainstormed ways to motivate the girls to run for the rest of the afternoon. Then I thought of myself in third grade- pigtails, missing teeth, tie-dyed New Kids on the Block shirt and all. There is no way I would have want to run “for fun”. Why? Because running around without stopping isn’t fun, DUH.

Funny how most people would probably agree with my 9 year old self over my 28 year old self.

I can’t explain why running ridiculous amounts of miles without stopping is so appealing to me. And why being told I have an injury that would stop me from doing just that would be heart-breaking. I just know that the simple act of placing one foot in front of another at a pace faster than a walk brings me clarity and so much joy.

But I’m pretty sure to everyone else, we runners look pretty stupid.

Case in point: My husband is currently outside running covered in blinking red lights because it’s 9:15 pm. If that’s not stupid, I’m not sure what is.

Are you guys with me? Do you think others think we’re nuts?

And if you have any tips to help motivate 9 to 11 year old girls to run, please share!

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