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Hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend!

Mine didn't start out too hot (heh) with my long run attempt on Saturday.

I tried to tackle 13 mi in 98% humidity. I ran out of liquids and definitely paid the price.  I started majorly cramping at mi 9 and  then got chills and dizzy at mi 11. I soon realized I was may be getting heat exhaustion, so I stopped and called my hubby to come get me. What followed was vomiting and a pretty bad headache.

Check out these other signs of heat-related illness so you know when it's safe to stop running.

Lessons learned:

  • Refill your water bottle at fast food places and gas stations
  • Don't attempt long runs in unsafe conditions.

I was feeling down on myself the rest of the day. I know my despair should have been directed towards Mother Nature. But I let negative thoughts enter my brain.

  • "You won't get through marathon training."
  • "You won't do any long runs."
  • "Forget about qualifying for the Boston Marathon."

So I did what anyone would do:  I registered to run a 20 mi trail race in 4 weeks.

It's Turkey Swamp Race Day in Freehold, NJ. I ran the 10 mi race last year. It was my first trail race and it was harder than expected but a lot of fun.

Will I be ready to run 20 mi in 4 weeks? No. My training plan only calls for 18. But trail races are slow, there's no pressure and I'll take plenty of walk breaks. And if I need to, I can drop down to the 25k option (15.5 miles).

Is it foolish to run a 20 mi trail race when marathon training? Probably. But it's 2 full months before my marathon and it guarantees I'll spend 20 miles on my legs. As long as I don't trip over a branch and break my ankle...

This will hopefully give me the motivation I need to complete the two other 20-milers on my training schedule. I'm excited :)

What's the craziest race you've ever done? If you're not a runner, what's the most challenging commitment you've ever made?

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  1. I actually think you’ll be fine for the trail race as long as you don’t take your time super seriously (your time will be longer anyway just because its on a trail). I really wish this was in NC because I would totally do it with you and I’m not even doing double digits right now!

  2. you beast!
    I would have to say running in 23 degree weather and sleeting and freezing rain in disney was pretty crazy. What were we thinking?!

  3. I know you’re going to be ready for your marathon Jen! I tried to run 9 on Friday, but only made it a little over 8. The weather makes a big difference for me, so I’m sure you would have made it had it not been for Charlotte being so hot right now.

    This isn’t too crazy, but deciding to run the OBX half marathon the night before after running an 8K that morning was a little crazy (for me anyway). :)

  4. oh no! sorry you had a tough run. this weather has been brutal. back in my running days, i was TERRIBLE about hydration. i once did a run following hot yoga and ended up dragging myself (quite literally, on the ground) to a publix because i couldn’t stand up anymore.

  5. So sorry about the rough run!! Marathon training in the summer is tough. I definitely have those thoughts whenever I’m trying to train in July/August, because it’s just so hard to build up mileage in the heat and humidity! But once Sept/Oct rolls around, it gets better. And I’m sure you’re going to be ready!!

    I actually think the trail race sounds amazing!! Your approach to it sounds great, and the fact that it’s on a trail means it’ll be a lot easier on your legs than if you were going to try to attempt doing a 20-miler on the roads. I can’t wait to hear how it goes!! I need to find myself a trail race to sign up for… :)

  6. Eek! Heat exhaustion is scary stuff! You definitely did the right thing by calling the hubby!

    And, you will def be ready for a 20-miler. And, it will help the marathon seems easy–a training friend swears by trail running to help with speed in road races. And he is still running sub 3-hour marathons at 50, so I think he is probably right.

  7. Agreed about the Disney Half! That weather was insane! lol

    Sorry Jen..I laughed at the part of tripping over a branch and breaking your ankle. I know it isn’t funny…but the way you said it made me laugh! :0( Hope that doesn’t happen again!!!! lol

  8. I just found your blog and I love it! I got heat exhaustion during my last marathon – it was a miserable and really humbling experience, but helped me to better know my body and when I need fluids and when to push and when to hold back! I’m glad yours was just in training, not in the race!

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