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Yesterday morning, I met Kelly at Freedom Park for a new kind of workout. It was Beach Body Boot Camp taught by Anna Kooiman.

It was so much fun doing a different kind of workout! We danced, did drills, Indian runs and some turbo kick moves. Our instructor was energetic, the setting was beautiful, and my workout buddy was wonderful :) Perfect way to start the weekend.

Honestly, except for the "burpees"- squat, plank, squat, jump, repeat- I didn't find the workout that physically challenging. But believe me, I couldn't keep up with the turbo choreography because I'm special like that. I'm not used to thinking during my workouts!

Group shot: Kelly is in the middle in the pink, and I'm to the right of her.

But, guess what? I woke up with super-sore calves today! Meaning Beach Body Boot Camp may not have felt like the most grueling workout, but it was. Soreness= success in my book.

I'm blaming it on all the jumping and bouncing around.

In fact, I think I'm missing out on something by not doing plyometrics- explosive bounding exercises like jumpies (where you squat and then immediately jump as high as you can then repeat). Doing these exercises regularly can help you get speedier.

Ummm... yes please! Speed is the magic word around here. If I'm really going to try to qualify fo the Boston Marathon this Fall, I need tons of help in the speed department.

And these exercises don't take much time. Check out this article from Runner's World. I'm tweaking my Qualify for Boston Marathon and Complete a 1/2 Ironman Training Plan (which I should have ready soon) to incorporate these drills- or a modification of them- at least once a week.

Do you do plyometrics? What exercises do you do to help you gain speed?

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  1. that looks like it was mega fun :)
    maybe i’ll be able to go to the next one!!

  2. I love mixing up workouts, sounds fun! Can’t wait to see your training plan!

  3. I agree Plyometrics always get me too. I’m thinking of doing some workouts that encorporate them more! I hope I can make it to the next bootcamp with you guys!

  4. I agree with you on the physical difficulty of the bootcamp, although I swear it was more difficult last time. haha. I had a great time with you and I’m so glad you could come! :)

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