This Runner's Trials

3 years ago today…

I got up at 4:00 am and it wasn't to run a race.

I had to wear a lot of make-up and a heavy, hot dress.

And my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

It was totally worth it though because I got hitched to this guy.

But first, let's back up.

I ran 5 slow mi yesterday without any walk breaks (on the treadmill because it's cactus hot out  'round these parts).  Wohoo! It's funny, I didn't realize how much I missed my chronically tight hamstrings until they were gone. It's so nice to feel like a runner again :) I hope by next week I'm back to doing early morning workouts and 2-a-days!

Anyway, today is our 3 year wedding anniversary! It feels like we've been married waaaaay longer (I say that with the deepest love, dear) since we've been together almost 9 years.

So here are some pictures of my wedding day. Enjoy folks :)


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  1. Awww, great pictures :) Happy Anniversary Jen!

  2. Aww I love seeing the wedding pictures!!! So beautiful!

    Great job on your 5 mile run!! That’s so tough on a treadmill!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Your wedding pictures are beautiful! Have fun celebrating.

  4. Happy Anniversary!! :0) I remember when you got married!

    Glad you are recovering well! Sorry about the hematoma! :0(

  5. aw I still love looking at your wedding pics! congrats you two!

  6. Aw! Your wedding photos are gorgeous and so are you! I love your colors. Looks like you guys had a fabulous wedding. :)

  7. Aww what a beautiful post! I got chills! LOVE your dress and bouquet :)

  8. SUCH a pretty bride! i love that last pic walking in the sand. :)

  9. Hi Jen – I found you from Heather’s blog, and what a post to find. I haven’t seen those wedding pics since you did your Disboards TR way, way back (Has it already been 3 years?)
    Yours was the 1st Wedding TR I read and to this day it remains my favourite!
    I hope you had a happy 3rd year anniversary!
    I will be back to read all about your running adventures. I am just starting running myself following a long period of inactivity. Your blog is very inspiring! :)

    • Wow, how cool! Yup, it’s been 3 years. Crazy huh? Thank you so much for your kind words. That means a lot to me!
      I’m so glad you’re getting back into running :) Good luck!

  10. Jen – you don’t have to publish this comment on the blog, but I would love to see a post about how you started out running, why you do it, and what keeps you motivated. Obviously this is your blog, and I am sure you want to do posts about what interests YOU, but just thought I would throw that out there in case you were ever looking for a topic some morning :)
    Also, I know when you were back on the boards we chatted, but just a reminder, this is me!

  11. AHHHH! you got married at the Yacht and Beach Club didnt you? The background got me wondering..but then I saw the hidden mickeys on the cake and it was a dead giveaway! [i used to work at disney so i flip out about that kinda stuff!]

  12. Your pictures are amazing. You are both literally exploding with joy and love!
    yay for finding that one person who makes your face hurt from smiling!

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