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Wait, aren't I supposed to be TTC?!

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As you likely noticed, my blog is a little running and triathlon heavy and light on the TTC.

There's a reason for that. (What a ridiculous saying. Isn't there's a reason for everything?)

Moving on... our TTC life has been on hold for a bit. My Dr put me on birth control pills in the beginning of May to prepare for my surgery. The birth control pills should (in theory):

  • Stop my endometriosis from growing further.
  • Calm down my hyperactive ovaries (from PCOS)
  • Ensure I'm not pregnant during surgery, which could be harmful to an unborn baby.

So, yes, I'm a TTC blogger who's on birth control pills. Make sense now? ;)

I actually had my surgery this morning. It was a minimally invasive surgery called laparoscopy.

(I look awesome, right? ;) )

All went well. My Dr found endometriosis in my uterues and in my left fallopian tube,  and was able to suck and burn it all out. I was glad he found something because the only way you to know for sure that you have endometriosis is to have surgery.

Before today, my endometriosis was just "suspected". I've had doctors tell me for years that the "pain is in your head" or that "the pain is psychological because you don't love your fiance (now husband)". True story. You have no idea how badly I want my Dr to fax my surgery report to certain past doctors. But I digress...

I'm in a bit of pain, groggy and dehydrated but these uncomfortable feelings should go away soon. I also can barely walk, and find it amazing that I went from running 8.25 mi yesterday to not being able to walk to the end of my street today!

All that matters is the surgery went well.  I also found out my tubes are open, which is a good thing!

So we can now move on with TTC now, right? Wrong.

My Dr wants me to stay on the pill for the next 2 to 3 months to keep calming down my ovaries- and slow down the endometriosis from coming back. My Dr says my ovaries will respond better to fertility drugs (Clomid did not work last time) if they're "shut off" for a few more months.

That puts us at August or September for TTC. But I want to run a marathon in October and do a 1/2 Ironman in November. And I don't think it would be wise for me to take medication to get pregnant right before two big races. I'm beginning to realize that crazy endurance stuff and overcoming infertility are two competing goals.

Instead, I'll stay on birth control pills until after my 1/2 Ironman. In the grand scheme of things, I don't think 3 months will make a big difference :)

After my big races, I will significantly cut back on my mileage and do everything I can to prep my body for baby. I'm already thinking of trying yoga and acupuncture.

...To be continued until November :)

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