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Open water swim & brick… fail

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How is it already the end of the long weekend? Tears.

I'm back down South. I had a great trip to NJ, but I'm happy to be home :)

I got back yesterday and was stoked to try my first open water swim. I've been waiting to sign up for my tri until I actually swam in the lake. It was a huge failure. I thought I was doing OK until I stopped to take a break and felt sick to my stomach. The waves were making me sea sick :( Probably not the best idea to swim the afternoon of Memorial Day Sunday- lots of boat traffic! I had to cut my swim short, but at least I got in a little practice.

My hubby reminded me that there won't be any boat traffic the morning of my triathlon so...

I'm doing a triathlon! Two weeks from today, I'll hopefully be a triathlete :) I'm insanely nervous for the swim, but excited for the challenge!

I also had big plans to do my first brick today- a bike workout followed immediately by a run- but we woke up to horrible storms that lasted all day. I still got a short run in, but I'm not brave enough to bike in the rain... yet ;)

Workout recaps:

Sat- R: 12 @ 8:35

Sun- S: 23 min

Mon- R: 4 @ 8:04

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Plan of attack

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Next Saturday I am running a 1/2 marathon with Brittney and some other friends. The weekend after that I may be doing my first triathlon. (I'll see how my first open water swim goes this weekend and then decide if I'll register)

After that my race calendar is completely up in the air.

For the past few years I have always had some race I was training for. But now with TTC, I am hesitant to sign up for anything too far in advance. I don't want to pay for a destination race, then get knocked up and not be able to go. Actually... maybe signing up for a big race is a good idea... then I wouldn't have to worry about TTC anymore ;)
I do have two huge maybes in mind for the Fall:

  • Really running a marathon. I've only run done one marathon and I didn't train properly. I want to really run a marathon, and run it well. It's always been a dream of mine to qualify for and run the Boston marathon. So why not try now? I have my eyes on the Atlantic City Marathon b/c it's FLAT and it should- in theory- be decent weather in October. I hate hills. I am not about to go for my BQ somewhere in the hilly, mountainous Carolinas.
  • Doing a 1/2 ironman. Yes, the girl who had never done a triathlon just said she wants to do a half ironman- 1.2 mi swim, 56 mi bike, 13.1 run- in less than 6 months. Hubby is definitely doing the Beach2Battleship full ironman, so if I'm going to schlep all the way there, I may as well try the 1/2. And this course is FLAT.

Obviously these are 2 HUGE goals. And I have no idea if I'll be able to do them or not. It depends on A LOT of things at this point:

  • How my surgery (laparoscopy for endometriosis removal) goes in June. My RE (reproductive endocrinologist) said he may let us TTC for a few months on our own without medical intervention IF only mild endo is found. But if he finds more severe endo, we may need to take quick, invasive (re: expensive) action to get me pregnant.
  • If I actually enjoy triathloning. Duh. If I don't like the sprint triathlon- 750 m swim, 17 mi bike, 3.1 mi run- then I probably shouldn't try the 1/2 ironman. I'd also like to do a few more tris this summer and fall to feel better prepared.
  • If I can stay injury-free. Training for a speedy marathon and my first half ironman at the same time is doable, but I need to be smart about it (and lucky) so I don't get hurt.
  • If I get pregnant. If I'm pregnant, I will not be doing either of these races. Seriously, even if I find out the day before the marathon that I am with child, I'm not running the sucker. I may do a few 5ks or 10ks while gestating, but not a long endurance race.

Here's the plan of attack:

  • If When surgery goes well (meaning the endo is mild), I'm going to start training for these races. I'm looking at a 16- to 20- week training plan for each race so I'll need to start in July.
  • I'll train for a month and see if I can handle it. And I'll take a pregnancy test. If I'm faring well with my training and I don't get a plus sign, I'll take the plunge and register for these races.

I like my plan. Having these goals will hopefully distract me from infertility a bit, which I'm sure I'll need as the months creep by. And if I can't compete in these races, that hopefully means I'm pregnant (and not injured), so I see my plan as a win-win :) *Note: I will stop or cut back on my workouts if my RE says it's impacting my fertility.

I'm off for my long run and then spending the day down the shore with 3/4 of these amazing ladies :)

(Flashback to my wedding weekend almost 3 years ago)

And happy 25th birthday to my brother, who is now a lawyer!

Wow, that was a long post. This is what happens when a writer isn't edited :)

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Graduation day

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Happy 3 day weekend folks :)

Today my little bro graduated from law school!

Yay! My parents and I so proud of him :)

His wonderful girlfriend also earned her law degree!

He did phenomenal in school! He was even the president of his class and got to speak at graduation.

He spoke so well and got a standing ovation! It was a very good day spent with the fam, and I'm so glad I was able to come up to NJ to watch him get his JD :)

I'm here through early Sunday morning. When I get back down south I am going to try my first open water swim in a lake ever! I am so nervous. If all goes well, then I'll sign up for a triathlon on June 13! Eek!

Workout recap:

Th- R: 3.5 @ 8:38

F- S: 1300 m

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